Water Resources

As urban requirements increasingly compete with industrial, agricultural, and environmental needs, integrated water-management practices are in high demand. The challenge is economically sourcing, securing, suppling, utilizing, and reusing water in a responsible, sustainable way. This applies to state- and local-government clients, as well as our private sector clients, where the availability of water and surrounding aquatic environments can affect development and ongoing activities in communities and industry.

Getting Water Right

Whether it’s potable water supply, agricultural and industrial production, or ecological and environmental health, EHS Support’s experts have the experience and knowledge to manage complex water-resource challenges in an effective and efficient manner. We work tirelessly to help you identify and implement right-sized solutions for your particular water-resource needs, while at the same time maximizing the potential for beneficial uses and ensuring compatibility with communities and the environment at large.

Water Resources Team

EHS Support’s Water Resources team is a group of highly experienced and motivated professionals who enjoy collaborating and partnering with our clients. Think of us as your steadfast advocate, committed to you and your organization’s long-term success.

Our experts deliver solutions in:

  • Ecosystem and natural resource restoration
  • Flood control, coastal resiliency, and saline intrusion
  • Focused operational studies
  • Geographic information system (GIS) and data management services
  • Natural resource damage assessments and settlements
  • Water quality and restoration
  • Water sourcing, supply, and security

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