Environmental, Social, and Governance Principles (ESG)

It used to be that investors and most corporate management teams focused on one thing: maximizing shareholder value. But as both society and investors become more focused on life-cycle impacts associated with a company’s operations, everyone from regional managers to board members are taking a more active approach to understanding and managing environmental, social, and governance (ESG) principles.

In today’s business climate, in order to maximize share value, you also have to be able to integrate ESG principles into everything, from supply chain through product delivery. And EHS Support can show you how.

Developing Effective ESG Strategies

At EHS Support, we believe that ESG implementation does not have to equate to sacrificing financial goals. Over the years we’ve developed, implemented, and even audited ESG programs for a variety of organizations. Our experts understand the demands that corporate boards and management teams face in developing effective ESG strategies, while also maintaining margins and meeting financial goals.

Our ESG Team

EHS Support’s ESG Team specializes in developing strategies that meet both the needs of our clients and the expectations of their shareholders. Through a strategy focused on long-term performance advantages — along with reductions in injuries, regulatory noncompliance, remedial liabilities, staff turnover, and investor and staff lawsuits — our experts work alongside you to methodically implement these strategies, increasing operational efficiencies and improving your bottom line.

It’s just another example of how EHS Support delivers for you.

Our Project Experience