Renewable Energy Solutions

Awareness and adoption of Environmental, Social, and Governance (ESG) principles has grown in recent years. Companies and government entities alike are recognizing that strong financial performance goes hand in hand with sustainable environmental and social-management practices.

Higher internal rates of return and greater success in meeting ESG goals are now more achievable than ever, thanks to the maturation of renewable energy technology, deregulation of the energy market, tax incentives for renewable energy users and producers, and flexibility in de-centralized energy generation. With these promising technological and regulatory advances, a unique opportunity lies in integrating renewable energy generation into industrial and commercial properties (active and inactive). That’s where we come in.

Significant Growth in Solar

Electrical generation by solar photovoltaic (PV) over the next five years is expected to double; by 2050, it’s currently expected to be 10x higher than present. With the cost of PV technology equal to or below other energy-producing technologies, and with further reductions likely, transitioning to solar can help you satisfy your ESG goals and reduce your operating costs. Both large corporations and small companies are taking advantage of this opportunity as capital costs continue to fall and ESG programs become more widely adopted.

Solar Site Feasibility

A key consideration in any renewable energy project is land area and the purchase or lease costs associated with that land. Unlike with wind turbines, solar power can be easily integrated into existing landscapes (including urban areas). It can also leverage existing buildings and structures, make use of land that was previously of low or no value, and provide smaller distributed energy sources.

EHS Support has extensive experience with active facilities, former industrial properties, and landfills. We also offer comprehensive engineering and permitting capabilities and access to resources that can deliver projects quickly and efficiently. Our proprietary Solar Site Feasibility Tool (SoSeF) rapidly evaluates the financial and technological viability of implementing solar power generation to active and former industrial sites and underutilized properties, including brownfields and landfills. This quick and inexpensive process enables you to make informed and timely decisions, whether it’s to begin on a single site or prioritize installations at numerous sites.

Renewable energy solutions – just another example of how EHS Support delivers for you.

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